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So it looks like my job unblocked Livejournal and I can get on... I must resist the temptation to waste all my time on LJ. It is hard because I've done all my work and don't have anything to do. I'll probaby play on it for a few hours. My posting/replying should be more frequent since I can access it from work.

I finally posted to my POLY RP journal,[ profile] gunslinging_nun . I didn't mean to but last week I had the pleasure of my period complete with killer cramps and this weekend I aggravated a pinched nerve in my neck by climbing into my kitchen cabinet. I was trying to run an ethernet wire to [ profile] yoko_chan's room. I'm so tired of the wireless connection glitches.
Unfortunately, the the damn wire didn't want to fit into a hole that was plenty big enough. WTF?  Since Saturday night,  I've had constant pain in my neck, upper back, and shoulder. And being on the PC is very, very, bad for it. It doesn't help that  99.9% of my job is on the PC and I spend most of my free time at home on it. I will make sure I post from my RP & this journal regularly though because I can post from work.  Okay, I'll stop whining now.  I think next month I'll sign up for Pip if he is still available.

I can't believe Christmas is coming. I have managed to get some stuff for my kids and am way more done than I was last year.  I still need to get my parents even though I'm not sure I'll even see them on Christmas because my mom is a crazy bitch.  Not sure about sending my oldest daughter something. She isn't really talking to me but I may give her a gift card for Amazon or something. She is away at graduate school and I don't think she's coming home for the holidays.  I swear, I really wish my family wasn't so fucked up and we could have at least a somewhat normal relationship.  It shouldn't suprise me though. My mom went years not talking to her mother (my grandmother) and she doesn't speak to her own brother. My dad's family is screwed up too. He only sees a few (out of 12) of his own brothers & sisters.

I also have an anime rec:  Mushishi.  I know I've mentioned it before but I have nothing but love for the series.  It is incredible. Not like any other anime you've seen.  The anime is both spiritual and supernatural. In a way it reminds me a little of Miyazaki's movies. It doesn't hurt that the main character, Ginko, is hot as hell. For anyone who is into Naruto: Kakashi is his reincarnation. Or he is Kakashi's reincarnation. I might upload a few episodes to spread the love.  It has got to be one of the most under-rated series ever. 

Has anyone been reading the scanlations of Trinity Blood manga? On the TB forum, they stopped posting links at chapter 12. I finally found chapters 13 & 14. *is happy*  The manga has much more yaoi fan service. <3   but my favorite ship is still Esther/Ion but why does she have to look so much like a human fish.  I found it on  [ profile] free_manga .  They have almost any manga that has been scanlated - even the hard-to-find stuff and raws for stuff that hasn't been translated.

In other news. The Eagles finally won! I stayed up late to watch the game with my son and they didn't choke won.  Is it wrong that It totally made my night?


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