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I have a mini-rant about this post on [community profile] fanficrants  that really pissed me off. I should have replied but the OP got enough shit from everyone else. It wasn't so much a rant as her bragging she got Jonas Brother incest fic taken down from And it's not that  I like Jonas Brother RPS or incest RPS. I don't. She said ALL RPF/RPS was the lowest form of fan fic and was nothing but the writer's masturbatory fantasy. No. Just no. Yeah, I know a lot people don't like it and it does seem to have a certain stigma attached compared to fic based on TV/movies/anime. I sure as hell never expected to be reading, let alone, writing it but it's not that. Yeah, my RPS hockey fics are smutty. Very smutty. But, I'd like to think they're about more than just sex. And if they aren't how are they any different than any of the fan fiction that's on Or smut posted on LJ based on TV, movies or anime? Most of my old Hellsing fics are just as almost as smutty as my hockey fics. It just really irks me that she made a blanket statement about all RPS.

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