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I swear I'm too totally excited about this but Claude Giroux scored his first NHL goal tonight!  That makes me happier than like anything almost. Yes, I'm weird.  It was  a beautiful goal too

I was right in the middle of posting this fic I wrote a little while ago when he scored.  Crazy but true.  It's Claude Giroux & Jean-Sebebastien Aubin (Philadelphia Phantoms). It's  NC-17 and fluffier than my usual Flyers slash.


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I finally got a chance to edit this at work where I should be working.  I'm still trying to find a beta for this.  Not so much for characterization/plot but for grammar & readability.  I posted a request to [info]blood_plus &

[community profile] beta_search and STILL can't find anyone. Well, there was one person but they could only do one chapter right now and I really need to find someone who can do the whole thing. I want to cry. :(   This story is coming really slow. I thought the plot would be much further along than it is. is Solomon/Saya with a little Haji/Saya. 


Title:  Another Time, Another Place - Chapter 3

Warnings: Not beta'd but I did edit it multiple times.  Slight spoilers for Blood+ (Saya's past).  Also some one-sided flirty Nathan/Solomon which is obviously slashy.

Rating: Teen (for now)

Summary:  Saya arrives at Solomon's house and continues to be haunted by her dreams & feelings for him. 






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