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I finally got to see the "season" finale of Blood Ties. I must say I was please. Norman is such a great villian and all the great Henry/Vicky moments had my inner fan girl squeeing. I wish there was more erotic fan fiction for the pairing. I'm still hoping [profile] dracschick will write some Henry/Vicky smut even though I know she's busy with editing for her novel and teaching. I'd write some myself but I want to read the novels and I haven't had the $ to get them. Maybe this week, I'll order them from Amazon.

Speaking of writing, I think I've finally got my muses back. I completed my first first [profile] fivebyfiction and even posted a Blood+ fic I had written awhile ago (after some serious editing) to Woa.  Any Blood+ fans on my FL? Please, pretty pretty please, read? Can hardly believe it myself.  Also, I'm nearly done the first prompt for my AU Blood+ fic. I really need ike a beta for that fic because it could end up being more than 5 chapters.  There aren't really any spoilers (well maybe a few about Saya's & Diva's past but not for the current timeline of the anime).  I'm kind of excited about it. The fic will be an AU set during WWII. I realized there wasn't anything in the movie, anime, manga, or novels for the WWII timeline. The fic will be Solomon/Saya set during WWII in France. It might end up being Solomon/Saya/Haji  later.  The rating will probably go up to "M."  The premise for the fic is that Solomon finds a weakened & amnesiac Saya during the German attacks on France.  Also is there any one on my FL that hasn't seen Blood+ and likes vampires, particularly moral vampires, you must watch it.  Adult Swim is showing it and I'd be happy to upload the subs for anyone who wants to see it and can't.  It is a great anime and doesn't get enough love.

I went to an award ceremony for [profile] yoko_chan yesterday. She is graduating this year and the vocational program she attends had special recognition for many of the students.  I am proud of her because school is a struggle for her. Not because she's not smart because she is very intelligent but she does have nonverbal LD (NLD) and ADHD which can make school crazy hard.  Not many people (or teachers) understand NLD because most LD's (like dyslexia and others) are language based. People with NLD are typically very smart  but suck at math and geography.  The schools are geared towards those with language based LD's so it makes things incredibly hard.  NLD, like ADHD causes problems with executive function (like organizational skills and getting lost) so it is often confused with ADHD although you can have both. NLD is also similar to Aspergers but not as severe.  Okay, I'll shut up now. I just know a lot about it because both my kids (and possibly me) have NLD. Today I have an IEP meeting for my son since this year he failed 2 subjects. I feel guilty because I let him go off of his meds because he said he could handle it.   Well, he was wrong.  Damn, I liked it better when my kids were in elementary school.

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