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Jul. 1st, 2009 03:11 pm
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I thought I should post a link to all of the stuff I'm currently writing or have written recently. Most of the stuff on here is hockey RPS. To be more specific Flyers RPS.  If anybody likes slash but not hockey, if you could read and comment on the one-shots, I'd love you forever. You don't have to really know much about the players except they're hot.
This is why hockey slash wins )
I'm going back to making most of my entries Friends Only but if you comment below, I'll probably add you.  I'm going to leave fic updates & entries, public - for now.

- Mostly Flyers but will include players from other teams (like the Penguins because rival slash WINS or Ovie) and eventually the Phillies.

All  rated MATURE or NC-17

Stranger Things Have Happened -  Scottie Upshall/Jordan Staal (Penguins)

Powers of Persuasion - Mike Richards/Jeff Carter

A Promise Meant to be Broken-  Danny Briere/Marty Biron

Winning Isn't Everything - Mike Richards/Jeff Carter: Set before they became Flyers and during the 2004 Junior  Championships.

Polyamorous - Sequel to Life Is Good. This started as an excuse to write a Flyers orgy fic but it's turned into a story about polyamorous relationships between several of the guys.  I find threesomes & foursomes way too interesting. Main pairings are Jeff/Mike, Danny/Marty, Scottie/Joffrey, Joffrey/Mike/Jeff, Scottie/Mike/Joff, and eventual Scottie/Joffrey/Mike/Jeff. It will be multi-chaptered - not sure how long yet.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Life Is Good: My multi-chapter and multi-pairing Flyers fic.  NOW COMPLETE, Main pairings are Mike Richards/Danny Briere/Martin Biron AND Mike Richards/Jeff Carter. Also features Scottie Upshall and Joffrey Lupul. I've started a sequel - see Polyamorous above - which will feature a Flyers orgy.  Hockey slash fandom has ruined me.

Ch 1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7 Ch8

Non-HOCKEY fic. I really only have two that I'm working on.

Another Time, Another Place
 An AU fic for the anime Blood+ set in the WWII timeline.  It is multi-pairing featuring: Solomon/Saya, Solomon/Haji, Haji/Saya, & Solomon/Saya/Haji

Time Changes Everything
A Samurai Champloo fic set after the series ended. Jin/Fuu,  Mugen/Fuu fic.

I've also written a ton of fic for Hellsing and Samurai Champloo when I was into those fandoms. I've kind of lost interest but my  past fics are on AND under the pen name kelles. Most of my old fics tend to be het or femme slash but I have written a few slash and threesome fics.
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Title: Irreplaceable
Characters/Pairings: Joffrey Lupul/Steve Eminger - implied Scottie/Joff and Scottie/Joff/Steve
Summary: Set after the Tampa & Flyers game on Nov 8th, the day after Steve was traded to Tampa.
Notes: Unbeta'd - Oh. My. God. Did I write a fic with Joffrey Lupul where he doesn't fuck Scottie Upshall. I must be slipping
Also, I am writing the next chapter of POLY - about half-way through it. I just had to get his fic out of my brain so I wouldn't emo anymore about Steve leaving :-(
Disclaimer: This is fiction - 100% made up. I can only wish it happened

Some things are simply irreplaceable )

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EDIT: Made some minor changes for readability and edits.

I finally completed another prompt for [info]fivebyfiction and another chapter for my Blood+ AU fic.  It took me awhile because I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with it but I kind of know now.  The only spoilers in this chapter are for Saya's & Diva's past that appear towards the beginning I think of the series (as a dream sequence).  I am STILL LOOKING FOR A BETA - does anyone on my FL watch Blood+? They are showing on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).  I'll probably edit it 1,396,456,464,564 more times before I post it anywhere else but I'd love it if someone could beta.


Fic: Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 2: Blood & Tears

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Some slight/vague spoilers for Saya's & Diva's past.

Summary:  Solomon tries to get closer to Saya as she is released from the hospital.  She still has no memory of her past. the people in it, or what she is.


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This is a Naruto fic I wrote for [profile] fivebyfiction and it is dedicated to my wonderful daughter, [profile] yoko_chan who I blame thank for forcing me to watch Naruto with her.  

Anyone on my FL who is into the Naruto fandom, I'd love feedback because this is the first Naruto fic I've written and I'm a bit nervous about it.  *shaking*   I'm not completely happy with it but I may edit. Again.

Rated teen for violence.

Title: Promises

Warnings: SPOILERS for manga chapters after the time skip,

Parings: Asuma/Kurenai, Obito/Rin, & the beginnings of Kakashi/Kurenai


Blood+ fic

May. 27th, 2007 10:12 pm
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Wow - I finished another challenge fic for [profile] fivebyfiction and I'm actually kind of excited about this one. I love the Solomon x Saya pairing in Blood+ but due to certain events in the series writing it post series is kind of difficult (but not in the manga). I came up with the idea of having an AU set during WWII in France. Solomon was a doctor (before he became chevalier). There isn't much canon for either Solomon or Saya during WWII except Saya would have been awake and Solomon was a chevalier during that time period. So this is totally AU, set in 1940 France. The prompt is "monster." Depending on how the fic goes, it could end up being a long WIP. There are no real spoilers as this is AU, except for a little of Solomon's past but nothing major or earth-shattering really. Anyone who has seen the series (or part of it - at least up to the episode that Solomon was in), I'd love opinions.

EDIT: Thanks to [profile] yoko_chan for kind of beta-ing it. 

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I've actually started writing again.  I can't believe it myself. It  feels so good to write. This is part 1 of a Jin & Fuu fic I'm writing for
[profile] fivebyfiction
The theme is truth. But, it is actually also equally Mugen & Fuu.  I'm a Jin/Fuu shipper because Jin = hawtness but after watching the last episode three times I'm convinced Fuu loved them both equally.  This is the first chapter of a longer fic (for the prompts of the challenge).  And no, this is not going to be a threesome fic - more like a love triangle. I don't really see Mugen and Jin together even if most of the fandom does.

Since it has been so long since I've written anything, I'd love feedback. Though, please be gentle.

Title: Tangled
Rating: Teen (for Mugen's bad language - but it is Mugen) and some groping by an OC
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Jin/Fuu and Mugen/Fuu
Theme: Truth
Summary: Fuu finally admits the truth to herself about her feelings for her old traveling companions.
Notes: Takes place 5 years after the end of the series. Fuu's relationship with both Jin & Mugen has remained platonic - much to her disappointment.

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Thanks to [ profile] alucards_bane & [ profile] rosehiptea for the beta work on this. I changed a few lines too. :)   Hopefully for the better. Thanks so much for your help, ladies.  Hannah, I really appreciate the content input too. I made a few changes related to that. I'll be posting to [ profile] 30_kisses &

For anyone who has not AU ficlet set after the war. Things did not turn out as anyone expected. Integral's knight in shining armor did not surrvive the war.

Integral is not very motherly in THIS story )
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I finally got a chance to look at the beta work [ profile] ko0lchiki did for me. I also changed a few things myself. I think it reads better. Despite the title the sex is not my usual description smut at all. Very mild but I didn't write it as smut but to develop Pip err, character. XD  Rated somewhere between teen and mature.  Thanks so much [ profile] ko0lchiki for the edit! You are the best LJ-daughter.

Pip is a man-slut )


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This is yet another Seras & Integral ficlet for the [ profile] 30_kisses community. The theme is the sound of waves.

Rated PG and set post-war in the manga-verse. Also is unedited so there may be some mistakes and I'll probably re-word if it seems a little rough.   Probably AU.

Homesick )

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Chapter 4 - Consequence )

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