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Title: Irreplaceable
Characters/Pairings: Joffrey Lupul/Steve Eminger - implied Scottie/Joff and Scottie/Joff/Steve
Summary: Set after the Tampa & Flyers game on Nov 8th, the day after Steve was traded to Tampa.
Notes: Unbeta'd - Oh. My. God. Did I write a fic with Joffrey Lupul where he doesn't fuck Scottie Upshall. I must be slipping
Also, I am writing the next chapter of POLY - about half-way through it. I just had to get his fic out of my brain so I wouldn't emo anymore about Steve leaving :-(
Disclaimer: This is fiction - 100% made up. I can only wish it happened

Steve opened the bottle of Jack Daniels and poured himself a shot. This year was supposed to be different.  The trade to Philly was supposed to give him a second chance. He was supposed to prove Washington wrong. Now, it was looking like benching him had been the right thing to do. He really did suck. He poured another shot, swallowing it in one gulp. The only thing he wanted to do tonight was drink enough to make him forget or at least not care.

"Steve? You home?" Joff knocked on the door.

"Yeah, I'm here." Steve said, walking to the door. Home. He would be moving for the second time since June. "Hey, Joff." Steve forced a smile and opened the door. "Come in." One of the things that sucked most about getting traded would be "losing" Joff.  Not that Joffrey was ever really his to begin with but he would miss the fun they had - a lot. And whatever it was between them, Steve knew it was more than sex.

Joff sat down on the sofa. "Hey, I'm real fucking sorry. But you played good. You guys won." He grinned at Steve. “Scottie was a little pissed that you tripped him twice.”

"Had to,” Steve said. “Only way I could stop him. I'd rather win wearing orange and black. Fuck. I really don't want to move to Tampa. I was just getting used to Philly. I like living here an Old City, near you guys."

"I know. It sucks. I've been through it."  Joff slipped his hand on Steve's knee and grinned at him. "Hell, if my name was Steve, I'd probably be going to Tampa too. Stephens isn't too happy with me right now. Fourth fucking line."

"That won't last long, Joff. You’ll turn thing around. They need you to score. At least you don't have to pack up your shit right now."

"True," he said giving Steve the look. Joff could make Steve hard, just by looking at him like that. It was that look he gave him right before they fucked, every single time. "I'm going to miss you."

Steve grinned at him. "Bull shit. You're just going to miss fucking me. I'm sure Scottie---"

Joff slipped his hand into Steve's hair, pulled it, and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Fuck Scottie. I'm going to miss you."

Steve moaned, as Joff moved his mouth along his jawline and kissed his neck. Joff always knew just where and how to touch him to turn him on.  He had at least a hundred things to do before his plane left for Tampa. He really didn't have time for this, for sex, but after everything that had happened this week, he didn't fucking care.  Steve needed this.  Joff unzipped his jeans and wrapped his hands around his cock. Steve almost laughed. He could feel Joffrey smirking against his.

"Same old Steve," Joff whispered. "So fucking easy." Joff stroked him with slow, almost languid strokes.

"Like you have any room to talk." Steve pulled Joff’s head back and kissed him roughly on the mouth. He loved the way Joff moaned when he scraped his teeth against his lower lip.  God, he was going to miss this, miss him.

"Fuck me, Steve. I want to feel you, feel you inside me." Joff whispered in his ear.

This surprised Steve. Usually Joff topped when it was just them.  He grinned evilly at Joff as he started to unzip his jeans. "You sure? You don't usually..."

"I'm sure," Joff said, slipping up his pants and watching Steve undress. "Hell, if I'd known you were going to get traded, I'd have let you fuck me more."

"Tampa's not that far away." Steve grinned at him and sat down on the sofa, and slipped off his jeans. Every time he saw Joffrey's naked body, it amazed him. He was just too fucking hot. "And we play each other three more times."

"True," Joff said, sliding off his shirt. He straddled Steve and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Off season. Your ass better be at my cabin in Alberta."

"I'll think about it," Steve slid his hands down Joff's body, tracing every muscle from his shoulder to ass. Joff trembled slightly.

"Grab the lube, it's in the drawer - table behind you."

Joff grinned at him and grinded against his rock-hard cock. "Anxious, aren't we?"

"Fucking tease."

"No, I'm not. I'm going to let you fuck me." He kissed Joff hard on the neck, biting and sucking on his skin for a few moments. "I want you to fuck me."

"You better not be teasing me." Steve watched him squirt some lube on his cock.

"I'm not." Joff said as he spread the  lube on Steve's cock. He stroked Steve for a few moments, teasing him with each touch. "Mmm...I can hardly wait." He met Steve's eyes. "Don't hold back. Fuck me deep. You know I can take it."

Steve whimpered, thrusting into Joff's hand, and groaning when Joff stopped. "Bastard, you know, you've been hanging around Ups, entirely too long." Steve felt like he was going to explode. His cock was throbbing and having Joff's naked body touching hm was torture. If Joff teased him any longer, he was going to just take him.

"Yeah, maybe." Joff licked his lips, stared into his eyes and lowered himself onto Steve's cock. Did Steve hear Joff's breath catch in his throat?  "Oh yeah, fuck yeah." He dropped his head back as he impaled himself slowly on Steve's cock, pushing him in deeper.

Steve grabbed Joff's hips and fucked him slowly, moving in rhythm to Joff's movements. He grabbed his hips, digging his fingers hard into is flesh, hard, pushing his cock up into him deeper. "Oh fuck, oh God, so fucking tight."  Steve wrapped his hand around Joff's cock, looked up at Joff just watching him.  And so fucking hot. He closed eyes, afraid if he didn't, that he would come right then and he wasn't ready for this to end just yet. 

Steve wasn't ready for this, whatever it was, to end. And yet, tomorrow he'd be waking up in Tampa.  Fuck, don't think about that now. Want it to be good, don't know when... Steve blocked everything from his mind, focusing on every sensation, ever scent, every sound. He thought about the soft noises he made with each thrust, the way his fingers were digging into his shoulders, hurting him, not too much but just enough and oh God, the way his muscles held his cock so tight. Oh fuck, Steve thought, not going to last much longer. Joff just felt, looked, and tasted too good. "Oh fuck, I'm going to..."  Steve started to tremble as the orgasm rocked his body, He gave one final thrust and filled Joff with his seed. He was so lost in the pleasure that he barely noticed when Joff came.

Joff kissed him hard on the mouth, as they both came down from the orgasm, his fingers entangled in his hair, pulling it just a little. “I’m going to miss you, Ems.”

“Sure,” Steve said grinning at him, “I’ll bet you say that to all the boys who get traded or sent down.”

“Fuck you, I don’t.” Joff pushed him playfully and sat down beside him. “Really, Steve. I am. And even though he’ll never admit it, Scottie will too.”

“I know.”

Joff ran his fingers down Steve’s chest, teasing him. “I mean it, next off-season I want you to come up to Alberta. We’ll have lots of fun.” He grinned mischievously at Steve. “I promise.”

“I’m there,” Steve said, thinking about all the fun they could have. “I hope I’m wrong but off-season might be early for both of us…if our teams keep playing like they are.”

“True, hell I might be playing somewhere else by March. If we don’t get better, Holmgren might trade the whole team away.”

“Nah, you’ll get better.”

“So will you,” Joff looked up at Steve and moved his hand between his thigh. “How much time you got till your plane leaves?”

“Enough,” Steve moaned as Joff curled his fingers around his cock.

“Good,” Joff whispered as he pushed Steve down. “I want to fuck you. Fuck you deep. Fuck you hard. One last time before you leave.”

Fuck, Steve thought, as he watched Joff put lube on his cock and stroke himself. I’m really going to miss this place. Even if everything went well in Tampa, even if he loved all his teammates and they won the Cup, things like this, like him, just couldn’t be replaced.

Date: 2008-11-11 06:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
::sniff:: trade angst isn't supposed to happen for months! :-(

As per usual, very hot boys. Very nice. :-)

Date: 2008-11-11 08:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know. It's no fair for something like that to happen now. During the summer or at the deadline, maybe...but now

Thanks so much :-) These guys are too hot together. I'm going to miss Steve.

Date: 2008-11-13 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
good story.

and i need icons lol

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