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Woa. I really haven't once since Otakon? I am so lame. I've been meaning to but guess I really have been lazy   I really did intend on trying to update once a week. Ehh. No more excuses. They're boring. Well, I have been writing finished another chapter of my Blood+ fic that no one is reading. I really wish the Blood+ fandom was bigger. Damn, I want to join an LJ-RP like POLY but I'm afraid I won't keep it up :(

This weekend I had a half-ass good excuse. That "time-of-the-month" hit me on Friday with God-awful cramps. I swear if it it wouldn't mess up my hormones, I'd have my uterus burned out. I have thought about it many times. I hate how painful my periods have become. I feel so incapacitated and don't feel like doing anything during the first couple of days. The good news is it should all be over for my 2nd mini-vacation that I'm taking on Thursday - my birthday!

Yeah, I decided to go on a short vacation starting on Aug 16th. I'm taking my 2 kids to Washington D.C. for 2 days. So many of the museums are free and it seems like such a waste that I never go. We're going to stay at the Metro Center Marriott I think.  It took me awhile to settle on that hotel. And I still might change my mind. I never realized how much you had to worry about the hotel being in a safe "neighborhood. And the parking. I figured it'd be like Baltimore or Philly where the touristy areas are safe-ish. But from all the hotel reviews I've read, that's not the case in DC. This one seems pretty safe (I hope) and there is a metro station really close. And it seems to have enough parking for the hotel. How can some hotels *coughs* Sheraton *coughs* not have enough parking for their guests. At least 1 spot per room. Does any one have any recommendations for hotels in Washington DC that are reasonably close to the National Mall & a metro stop?Makes me think twice about going to Katsucon. I kind of wanted to go but the hotel reservations in Washington seem so troublesome.

I'm kind of very excited about going because my favorite baseball player who is like one of the hottest men ever, Cole Hamels, is pitching at Phillie/Nationals game we're going to see while we're there. And the game happens to be on my birthday.  Best. Birthday. Present.Ever. Well not really, but I've been wanting to see him pitch since last year but he always happens not be pitching at the Phillies games me & my son go to. For those who aren't familiar with baseball... they announce the pitchers a few days in advance of the games. Last year I could make the reservations a few days before we went but this year the Phillies games have been sold out more often than not. Anyway I nearly squeed when I found out he was pitching for the game we plan on going to. Guess I'm becoming a Cole Hamels fangirl. But he is really hot.

Next post will be the next chapter of my Blood+ AU set in Germany occupied France (WWII). I want to get it posted to before the trip. I have it done but since I can't find a beta, I'm going to edit myself 100 times.

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