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I've changed my mind again and have decided to unlock my Hockey RPS fics. I can't go into details but it's really rather silly for me to lock them. I also just started going to Flyers practices and will be going to the games. I have an account at Flickr where I upload pics. I'm very new to digital photography so don't expect the pictures to be great.
You can find my Flyers RPS at [ profile] 2mins4slashing.  Right now my fics are unlocked and will remain so. There's been talk locking the community but I'll be able to manually unlock my fics.   I have a few baseball RPS fics over at [ profile] theboysofsummer.  All of those fics are locked. You will need to join the community if you want to read them. Eventually I'll post them either here or on another blog.
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Just a short update because I have to go to work. I'm going to do a real update I took off yesterday because I woke up feeling so anxious and I just couldn't deal with other people's problems and 13466574613213131 alerts. So I took my meds (Klonopin) slept, and edited practice pics and wrote a lot.

Practice both days was FUN. Crowded but fun. On days like this week, I enjoy going to practice more than games. It's so much fun to take pictures because on good days the pictures you take tell a story and that's the way Saturday and especially Tuesday were. I got heaps of great pics, about 300. Plus a few pics from the Carnival. I was a little sad that Claude was moved down to the 3rd line but after last night? Not so much. But, I have a few pictures of Claude's talk with Lavvy and he looked sooooooo sad. But, Simon made him feel better. I have pictures of that too :)

From 2010_0118flyers_practice
Claude just looks sad and like he just wants this talk to be over.  *hugs him*

I wanted to hug him. No matter what he said during the interview after the game, I do think he misses Richie and especially his BF Simon. But, he got his PP time (and Powe got his time on the PK) so it all worked out.  But, Simon without Claude just didn't play very well last night at all.  He needs his FC BF back :)

I loved the way most of the boys played last night. Except for the Richards line. Powe played okay but I'm not sure what was up with Richards & Simon. They seemed a little off. That line was the only line that didn't produce a point. I think they really missed Claude's playmaking ability on that line.  And Claude? He was amazing, even on the 3rd line. AND HE GOT 3RD STAR OF THE GAME!!!That back handed pass to Asham was beautiful. I have a feeling, if they keep him on that line, him and JVR are going to be an explosive duo. As much as Carter & Danny have been.  I might not be Carter's biggest fan (and now even less than before but that has nothing to do with hockey :p) but he was amazing last night too. His shots were just pretty. I think he really wants on that Olympic team. He came so close to a hat trick! I still don't understand why Lavvy didn't put him on the ice when the net was empty. WTF? And Carcillo scored!!! Who says he doesn't have offensive skill? Who knows what he might be able to do if they kept him on the 1st or 2nd line? He might get as many goals as the guy he replaced. I was a little depressed because I had planned on going to the game but I got over it pretty quick. I loved RJ as a player but he was never really one of my favourites. But, it made me a little sad to hear how much he loved Philly. And he has a Flyers tatoo? Awwww. There is a story I should link to but I'm too tired and I have to leave to work soon. Maybe I'll post about it tonight. [ profile] offthepost , I have something interesting to tell you about Carcillo's tatoo that I think you might not know :D

One more word about the line changes. Everything I've read about it and things the coach said, I think it was made more because for whatever reason Simon wasn't capitatlizing on the chances Claude was giving him and because of the way the Caps kept them away from the front of the net. I think the move had more to do with how great Claude is at center and the fact that JVR needs someone with real playmaking skill to set him up. And aside from Richards? Claude is the best center on the team. He's hoping Powe will create some room for Simon. It didn't happen last night but hopefully it will. As long as Claude gets his PP time (and not Powe because he gets used a lot on the PK), I'm all good with that. Even though I'd much rather see him on the 2nd line, it's all good if it leads to points, goals, and a win.

I'm kind of broke right now and the prices on stub hub have gone up. WTF???  I do think I'll be able to swing a game next week since it's payday and I'm paying all my bills this week.  As much as it sucks,  my electric and my cell phone have t get paid before I go to a game. I sure wish I lived at home and didn't have to worry about bills. But, then my mom would drive ALL of us crazy and would probably kick us all out anyway. XD  She's kind of bipolar and I really wish I was kidding about that.

I'll do a real update tonight with a massive practice pic spam and some venting of sorts. I got so many wonderful pictures at practice that I want to share. Of course 90% of them are of Claude & Simon :D

I'm SO EXCITED.  I ordered 2 Winter Classic jerseys (Simon and Claude - who else) and they should be here in a few days.

Also, for those of you Flyers fans that follow the Phantoms, Matsumoto won the accuracy skills competition at the AHL all star game.  I watched a bit of it on Monday.  The Canadian team is so much more prettier than Planet USA.  The Phantoms were on a 3 game  winning streak before the break.  I think they'll be even better because Maroon is supposed to be back after the break. I hope so. I've missed him. I hope I can find some working AHL steams.

Aaand Bobby Ryan continues to be amazing.  I love that boy so much.  I need to do a pic spam of the Ducks Casino night. Bobby in a wig and purple disco suit = cracked me up A LOT. I'm still laughing.
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I'm finally going to do a real post on the Flyers Prospect Camp. And I need to write my first blog post about it too. I might wait till tomorrow for that since I'm going to camp again. I finally got the pictures uploaded to both Google so I can spam them on here but I also have them up on Facebook if you have me friended. Facebook is So much easier. I suppose I could just post the link to my photoalbum on Picassa but what fun is that? My period totally kicked my ass this week :( The cramps just about killed me. And I was so tired. About the only thing I've done since Wed is come home, cook dinner for my kids, and sleep. No much fun at all :(

Last night I totally freaked out but in a totally good way. I was playing on Twitter and one of the Philly bloggers I follow had reply to Ray Emery!!! So you know I had to follow him too. He looked for real and he has replies to Claude Giroux!!! I've been trying to get added to Claude's facebook so I could stalk him but in a non-threatening way for few months now so seeing Claude on Twitter made me WAY too happy. I am 99.9% sure Claude's is the real him. Because honestly? It's too boring to be a fake account. He's so damn adorable, he apologizes for being boring. <3 I swear it makes me love him so much. If you want to follow them it is RayEmery29 & CGiroux28. I swear knowing that Ray is telling Claude who to add in Twitter makes me want to write some oh so wrong but smoking hot Claude/Ray slash. Maybe someday. I'll add it to the list.

I went to my first Prospect Camp ever last Wedsnday with my daughter. It was great seeing so many of the guys I watched last year. Almost all my favourite Phantoms were there: Pat Maroon, Jon "can't wear his helmet" Matsumoto, Matt Clackson, Andreas Nodl, and Jon Kalinski were there along with Mike Ratchuk, Josh Beaulieu, Rob Bellamy, Garrett Klotz, David Laliberte, Michael-Lee Teslak (who was a Phantom last season when J-S Aubin was hurt) and of course the most hyped prospect JVR ( James van Riemsdy). Can you tell I'm not all that excited about him? I don't even know why!  I just don't like the top draft picks. It is not logical at all. But, I really don't like John Tavares, Sidney Crosby, and I really, really don't like JVR. Okay, so maybe Sid doesn't count. I like Patrick Kane but he is just SO dorky, how can you not like him? But, I really don't like JVR and as a Flyers fan I should be totally excited about him playing. I think part of it is that he didn't listen to Holmgren who told him to play in juniors and until this summer acted like he wasn't even sure he wanted to play in the NHL. I can understand him wanting to stay in school but he was the 2nd overall pick how can you not be dying to play in the NHL? The other guys picked the same year as him? Patrick Kane. I don't even have to say anything about him. Kyle Turris, Sam Gagner, Jakub Voracek.... All of those guys have played in the NHL. But, my favourite guys are the ones who make and were never supposed to. I know I talk a lot about Claude but he went undrafted by the OHL and QMJHL. Nobody wanted him. Because he was small? Pft, I think the OHL is looking pretty damn stupid now. Claude played better last year than a lot of his teammates from the WJC who were drafted ahead of him. He was a steal at 22. Okay. I'll shut up about him now. Then, there is Nicola Riopel. He was undrafted by the NHL the last two years but busted his ass and got better each year. Last year he was voted the player of the year in the QMJHL and won another award for lowest GAA. And my favourite Phantom Pat Maroon. A lot of scouts and coaches told him he wouldn't make it because he was too slow, out of shape, and fat. Two scouts from St. Louis worked with him because they saw something there. He lost weight, got in shape, and worked hard. He played a year in juniors with the London Knights unlike JVR and got real good. I watched him play a lot of games last year and he's impressed me a lot. He is HUGE, but has as the experts say, "great hands." That sounds so dirty. haha. Okay. I'll shut up now.

The best part of prospect camp was getting a chance to see the guys who were just drafted and the ones I never got a chance to see play.

A few thoughts?

Nicola Riopel. I was wrong. He shut out the "black" team during the scrimmage. He was as amazing as I thought he would be. Even though I'm sad about losing Scott Munroe and J-S Aubin this year (and possibly Ross, Syrvet, and Kane). I have a lot of hopes he'll make the Phantoms. He is a lot like Carey Price but in a good way :) I also love his mask. Wildcats! Rawr :D

Kevin Marshall. I love this kid a lot. I'm real excited about getting to see him play a few games when the Phantoms are in Scranton or Hershey. There is also talk he could make the Flyers as the 7th d-man. I think it will him or Ratchuk (unless Danny Syrvet resigns). Kevin is a shut-down d-man but can score too! Think Luca Sbisa but meaner. There was an interesting article on how he spent all of the off season training with Ian Laperriere. Hmm, and they could end up on the same team? No, I'm not going to write it. He's had an impressive camp so far, scored 2 goals during the scrimmage.

Pat Maroon. He looked great out on the ice so far. He trimmed down even more since last year and is skating better. He is impressing a lot of people at camp and that makes me so happy. With Knuble gone, he could make the team on the 3rd or 4th line. I would LOVE to see him steal JVR's spot.  I know I'm a bad Flyers fan.

Another thing I notice, with a few exceptions (Marc-Andre Bourdon & Kevin Marshall) the Phantoms guys played a lot harder than the college & juniors guys. You can tell they are really trying to make the Flyers. They were hitting hard for just a scrimmage. No fights my first day :( but I'm hoping for one tomorrow.

We took heaps of pictures.  About 1/3 were taken with Melissa's awesome Fuji camera that I got her for her b-day.  Most of  those pics came out amazing.  The rest were with the old camera but came out okay.  There are a whole lot of pics under the cut but I didn't even include all of them.  If you want to see the rest you can see them here.

too many pictures :D )

Okay. I think I've spent all afternoon writing this post and the HTML code.  I really should be writing fic. Or reading.

Fic post

Jul. 1st, 2009 03:11 pm
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I thought I should post a link to all of the stuff I'm currently writing or have written recently. Most of the stuff on here is hockey RPS. To be more specific Flyers RPS.  If anybody likes slash but not hockey, if you could read and comment on the one-shots, I'd love you forever. You don't have to really know much about the players except they're hot.
This is why hockey slash wins )
I'm going back to making most of my entries Friends Only but if you comment below, I'll probably add you.  I'm going to leave fic updates & entries, public - for now.

- Mostly Flyers but will include players from other teams (like the Penguins because rival slash WINS or Ovie) and eventually the Phillies.

All  rated MATURE or NC-17

Stranger Things Have Happened -  Scottie Upshall/Jordan Staal (Penguins)

Powers of Persuasion - Mike Richards/Jeff Carter

A Promise Meant to be Broken-  Danny Briere/Marty Biron

Winning Isn't Everything - Mike Richards/Jeff Carter: Set before they became Flyers and during the 2004 Junior  Championships.

Polyamorous - Sequel to Life Is Good. This started as an excuse to write a Flyers orgy fic but it's turned into a story about polyamorous relationships between several of the guys.  I find threesomes & foursomes way too interesting. Main pairings are Jeff/Mike, Danny/Marty, Scottie/Joffrey, Joffrey/Mike/Jeff, Scottie/Mike/Joff, and eventual Scottie/Joffrey/Mike/Jeff. It will be multi-chaptered - not sure how long yet.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Life Is Good: My multi-chapter and multi-pairing Flyers fic.  NOW COMPLETE, Main pairings are Mike Richards/Danny Briere/Martin Biron AND Mike Richards/Jeff Carter. Also features Scottie Upshall and Joffrey Lupul. I've started a sequel - see Polyamorous above - which will feature a Flyers orgy.  Hockey slash fandom has ruined me.

Ch 1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7 Ch8

Non-HOCKEY fic. I really only have two that I'm working on.

Another Time, Another Place
 An AU fic for the anime Blood+ set in the WWII timeline.  It is multi-pairing featuring: Solomon/Saya, Solomon/Haji, Haji/Saya, & Solomon/Saya/Haji

Time Changes Everything
A Samurai Champloo fic set after the series ended. Jin/Fuu,  Mugen/Fuu fic.

I've also written a ton of fic for Hellsing and Samurai Champloo when I was into those fandoms. I've kind of lost interest but my  past fics are on AND under the pen name kelles. Most of my old fics tend to be het or femme slash but I have written a few slash and threesome fics.
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I totally should be cleaning but I remember I wanted to post this.

I'm not even into Supernatural but came across this on [ profile] weepingcock  and it cracked me up a lot.
Maybe because I've thought of writing something similar about the Flyers. Actually, I started writing a fic but never finished. In this clip Sam & Dean discover slash of themselves on the internet. It is too funny for real.

Sam & Dean discover pr0n about them on the internet )
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I swear I'm too totally excited about this but Claude Giroux scored his first NHL goal tonight!  That makes me happier than like anything almost. Yes, I'm weird.  It was  a beautiful goal too

I was right in the middle of posting this fic I wrote a little while ago when he scored.  Crazy but true.  It's Claude Giroux & Jean-Sebebastien Aubin (Philadelphia Phantoms). It's  NC-17 and fluffier than my usual Flyers slash.


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Title: Irreplaceable
Characters/Pairings: Joffrey Lupul/Steve Eminger - implied Scottie/Joff and Scottie/Joff/Steve
Summary: Set after the Tampa & Flyers game on Nov 8th, the day after Steve was traded to Tampa.
Notes: Unbeta'd - Oh. My. God. Did I write a fic with Joffrey Lupul where he doesn't fuck Scottie Upshall. I must be slipping
Also, I am writing the next chapter of POLY - about half-way through it. I just had to get his fic out of my brain so I wouldn't emo anymore about Steve leaving :-(
Disclaimer: This is fiction - 100% made up. I can only wish it happened

Some things are simply irreplaceable )

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I'm really behind in writing my hockey pr0n although I did manage to finish a chapter of Nothing Ever Changes. The only problem is that it's not the next chronological chapter, which would be 2. It is chapter 3.  The plot bunny bit me and I couldn't resist writing it first  In this chapter, Brooks Laich (from the Caps - yeah, I can't believe I'm writing him into it either) comes to visit Steve and... Since it is a work-in-progress, I'm not going to post it here but you can read it here on google-docs (it's a public doc, anyone can read it). Beware, that chapter contains mild BDSM and questionable consent. I need to write another chapter of Polyamorous, In A Boys Dream, Nothing Ever Changes, and then there's the Flyers crackish fic...and oh yeah, Boston Bruins  & Flyers crossover. Damn, plot bunnies. I  intended on doing some writing on Sunday but got really distracted. 

I got my tickets today for the Caps/Flyers game in DC on Friday and I'm SOOOOOO excited.  This will be my first game. Ever.  Thanks again to [ profile] korichan_212 for the tickets. ♥ ♥ ♥  I'm also going to another Flyers practice tomorrow. I went last Saturday but since there was a game only a few of the prospects were there and only one player that will make the team - Claude Giroux. I did love watching him practice. He's going to be a great addition to the team this year and has a shot of being rookie of the year. I doubt he'll win it because he's a Flyer :-) I still need to upload those pics to Flickr.

Things are looking up for my son. He starts 1/2 days at the Vocational Training School tomorrow. I still have another meeting on Thursday but after this week , it should be finished.

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I have a mini-rant about this post on [community profile] fanficrants  that really pissed me off. I should have replied but the OP got enough shit from everyone else. It wasn't so much a rant as her bragging she got Jonas Brother incest fic taken down from And it's not that  I like Jonas Brother RPS or incest RPS. I don't. She said ALL RPF/RPS was the lowest form of fan fic and was nothing but the writer's masturbatory fantasy. No. Just no. Yeah, I know a lot people don't like it and it does seem to have a certain stigma attached compared to fic based on TV/movies/anime. I sure as hell never expected to be reading, let alone, writing it but it's not that. Yeah, my RPS hockey fics are smutty. Very smutty. But, I'd like to think they're about more than just sex. And if they aren't how are they any different than any of the fan fiction that's on Or smut posted on LJ based on TV, movies or anime? Most of my old Hellsing fics are just as almost as smutty as my hockey fics. It just really irks me that she made a blanket statement about all RPS.


Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:57 am
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I've been wanting to do a Pip fst because he is my favorite male character from Hellsing and last month [ profile] fst had the perfect opportunity to do one: canon characters who died. I started early in the month but got lazy. Originally I had over 50 songs but have narrowed it down to 27. I'd like to get it down even more but it's hard - Pip was/is such a GREAT character. Does anyone have any songs they would rec for the FST? I have songs that represent Pip's childhoood, time with the Geese, and of course too many about him & Seras but I'd like to find one (or a few) about him & Alucard.

Here are the songs I have so far )

I really need to do an update post. Which I shall. Later today. I finally fnished another chapter of Another Time, Another Place. I don't think too many on my FL are reading because no one seems to love Blood+ like I do. Not that I'm complaining. I have had a bunch of reviews on the Pit which always makes me feel happy.
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I finally got a chance to edit this at work where I should be working.  I'm still trying to find a beta for this.  Not so much for characterization/plot but for grammar & readability.  I posted a request to [info]blood_plus &

[community profile] beta_search and STILL can't find anyone. Well, there was one person but they could only do one chapter right now and I really need to find someone who can do the whole thing. I want to cry. :(   This story is coming really slow. I thought the plot would be much further along than it is. is Solomon/Saya with a little Haji/Saya. 


Title:  Another Time, Another Place - Chapter 3

Warnings: Not beta'd but I did edit it multiple times.  Slight spoilers for Blood+ (Saya's past).  Also some one-sided flirty Nathan/Solomon which is obviously slashy.

Rating: Teen (for now)

Summary:  Saya arrives at Solomon's house and continues to be haunted by her dreams & feelings for him. 






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Woa. I really haven't once since Otakon? I am so lame. I've been meaning to but guess I really have been lazy   I really did intend on trying to update once a week. Ehh. No more excuses. They're boring. Well, I have been writing finished another chapter of my Blood+ fic that no one is reading. I really wish the Blood+ fandom was bigger. Damn, I want to join an LJ-RP like POLY but I'm afraid I won't keep it up :(

This weekend I had a half-ass good excuse. That "time-of-the-month" hit me on Friday with God-awful cramps. I swear if it it wouldn't mess up my hormones, I'd have my uterus burned out. I have thought about it many times. I hate how painful my periods have become. I feel so incapacitated and don't feel like doing anything during the first couple of days. The good news is it should all be over for my 2nd mini-vacation that I'm taking on Thursday - my birthday!

Yeah, I decided to go on a short vacation starting on Aug 16th. I'm taking my 2 kids to Washington D.C. for 2 days. So many of the museums are free and it seems like such a waste that I never go. We're going to stay at the Metro Center Marriott I think.  It took me awhile to settle on that hotel. And I still might change my mind. I never realized how much you had to worry about the hotel being in a safe "neighborhood. And the parking. I figured it'd be like Baltimore or Philly where the touristy areas are safe-ish. But from all the hotel reviews I've read, that's not the case in DC. This one seems pretty safe (I hope) and there is a metro station really close. And it seems to have enough parking for the hotel. How can some hotels *coughs* Sheraton *coughs* not have enough parking for their guests. At least 1 spot per room. Does any one have any recommendations for hotels in Washington DC that are reasonably close to the National Mall & a metro stop?Makes me think twice about going to Katsucon. I kind of wanted to go but the hotel reservations in Washington seem so troublesome.

I'm kind of very excited about going because my favorite baseball player who is like one of the hottest men ever, Cole Hamels, is pitching at Phillie/Nationals game we're going to see while we're there. And the game happens to be on my birthday.  Best. Birthday. Present.Ever. Well not really, but I've been wanting to see him pitch since last year but he always happens not be pitching at the Phillies games me & my son go to. For those who aren't familiar with baseball... they announce the pitchers a few days in advance of the games. Last year I could make the reservations a few days before we went but this year the Phillies games have been sold out more often than not. Anyway I nearly squeed when I found out he was pitching for the game we plan on going to. Guess I'm becoming a Cole Hamels fangirl. But he is really hot.

Next post will be the next chapter of my Blood+ AU set in Germany occupied France (WWII). I want to get it posted to before the trip. I have it done but since I can't find a beta, I'm going to edit myself 100 times.
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Title: While The Queen Sleeps
Author: kelles
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairing: Solomon, Haji, Saya, Diva
Challenge: June 2007
Warnings and Notes: The is done for the June Challenge at [ profile] obscurefandom.  The original pairing was Solomon/Saya but  it ended up to have a bit of Solomon/Haji, Solomon/Saya/Haji,  Solomon/Diva, and Haji/Saya. Possibly AU for the anime. Spoilers? Maybe but not really. The song I had was The Origin of Love from the OST of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I had never heard it before but now like it quite a bit. 

While The Queen Sleeps )

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