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I finally got a chance to edit this at work where I should be working.  I'm still trying to find a beta for this.  Not so much for characterization/plot but for grammar & readability.  I posted a request to [info]blood_plus &

[community profile] beta_search and STILL can't find anyone. Well, there was one person but they could only do one chapter right now and I really need to find someone who can do the whole thing. I want to cry. :(   This story is coming really slow. I thought the plot would be much further along than it is. is Solomon/Saya with a little Haji/Saya. 


Title:  Another Time, Another Place - Chapter 3

Warnings: Not beta'd but I did edit it multiple times.  Slight spoilers for Blood+ (Saya's past).  Also some one-sided flirty Nathan/Solomon which is obviously slashy.

Rating: Teen (for now)

Summary:  Saya arrives at Solomon's house and continues to be haunted by her dreams & feelings for him. 


The ride to Solomon’s house was longer than Saya expected and she grew a little more uneasy with each moment that passed. And yet, she felt foolish for feeling apprehensive at all. The doctor had been nothing but kind to her since the moment they met at the hospital. But didn't he say his home was in Paris? It seemed like they left the city hours ago. A yawn escaped her mouth at the precise moment that her stomach growled and Saya blushed. "I'm sorry, Doctor."

Solomon was sitting next to her in the car while his driver took them to his country home. It was about 40 minutes from the hospital and it seemed a world away from city, the war. He smiled at Saya to reassure her. "It's okay, Saya. The drive seems to be taking a little longer than usual today." It was true. They had passed three roadblocks since they left the hospital. He reached for her hand and felt her pulse. "Besides, you are still weak from your condition. It's perfectly normal to be tired. And hungry."

Saya smiled weakly at the handsome doctor. The sensation of his hand on her wrist quickened her pulse and made her stomach feel strange. However, it also made her smile. "Thank you, Doctor. I'm okay, it's just I can’t remember ever being in a car. It feels a little strange. I’m sure I was in one before but… “She smiled as Solomon slipped his hand around hers for the remainder of the ride. The guilt was still there, nagging at the back of her mind, but Saya felt happy and safe when she was with him. It doesn't mean anything, Saya told herself. Friends hold hands sometimes, don’t they?

"Saya? Saya?" Solomon squeezed her hand. His bride seemed a million miles away.

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. What is it, Doctor?"

“ You didn’t answer when I called your name. But, I insist that you call me Solomon. You're my guest now." He pointed out the window. "Look, Saya, we're home."

Saya's eyes went wide with wonder. The house was so elegant that it looked more like a castle than a home. And yet something about it felt vaguely familiar. Saya didn’t think she had ever actually been at this particular house but one very much like it. The mansion was a huge change from the dreary hospital room she had been staying in and the hospital was all she had known until today. Except for my dreams, Saya thought.  Yet, even those visions were slipping away from her now. "This---this is your house, Doc---I mean Solomon?"

“ Yes, Saya. And for as long as you need it, this is your home too." Solomon stared deeply into her eyes, his gaze filled with heat. The moment lasted for several seconds before getting out of the car. He opened Saya's door for her and offered her his hand. "Come, let's go. I'll show you to your room."

Saya took his hand, avoiding his eyes. The way he had looked at her just now made her cheeks burn. This Solomon was acting so different than he had in the hospital; she wasn't sure what it meant. In the hospital, he had been nice to her but his behavior was always professional. She enjoyed this new attention but part of her felt guilty for feeling happy. He was a very handsome man, one that all of the nurses and female patients flirted with constantly. But, the way he was acting today also scared her. Solomon said he would be on his best behavior but the way he was looking at her right now was not the proper way a gentleman looked at a lady. Their eyes locked again and something inside of her started to burn. Was this the desire she overheard nurses talking about? She blushed and looked out the window of the car, avoiding Solomon’s eyes.

"Saya, are you okay?" Solomon asked politely.

She looked at him and the look was gone from his eyes, replaced with one of gentle concern. Maybe, she thought, I imagined it. "I'm okay, Solomon. This just wasn’t what I expected. It is so different from the hospital. And I wish I could remember my past. I know there is someone who is waiting for me. I-I-I just hope they're all right and haven't been ..."

Solomon took her hand and pulled her out of the car. He gazed directly into her eyes as he spoke. “I’m sure whoever was waiting for you is still alive. I promise you they are, Saya. I'll bet you have many family members that are waiting for you to return to them." Like Diva, Amshell, Nathan, Karl, and of course your Chevalier, Haji. "I will help you find the people from your dreams.”

“ Really?" Saya asked hopefully.

"Of course, Saya. I thought we were becoming friends. Was I wrong? We’re friends so it’s only natural for me to help you." He glanced at her quickly, noticing how tired and weak she looked. "As your doctor, I must insist you rest today. You don't look well. I'll give you another treatment as soon as Adeline has you settled into your room."


“She is my best maid. She'll make sure you have everything you need." Well, maybe not everything, Solomon thought deviously. There are some things that only I can provide.


Adeline was a pleasant woman in her fifties from Sedan, France. She had worked for only the most prestigious families in Paris since she was a teenager. Solomon had paid a small fortune to secure her services when he first arrived in Paris. The politician he stole her from had been furious but the Goldsmith family was feared in France. Adeline was cheerful, a hard worker, did not ask any questions, and most important of all, very discreet. Although she was older, Adeline was still a beautiful woman. Solomon hoped she could comfort Saya, in ways that he could not.

Saya sat in her room dazzled by its elegance. A large window overlooked a small brook that was surrounded by trees. The bed was queen sized which seemed huge compared to the hospital bed she had spent so many restless nights in. Her bed was covered by a canopy and many pillows. This is paradise, Saya mused, as she jumped on the bed and stretched out on it. It did not take long for her to drift off to sleep and her dreams.

"I'm sorry, Haji." A young girl told a faceless man in the dark. "I-I-I just can't stay awake any longer."

“That is fine, Saya. I will be waiting for you when you wake up. Would you like me to play your song? I've been practicing."

“Yes, I hope it has gotten...better." She answered with a giggle.

The sounds of Haji's cello filled her as she fell into her deep sleep unable to fight her bodies demand for rest.

An unexpected hard knock on the door startled Saya and she nearly screamed. "Haji?" She asked, still half in her dream state.

At first, there was silence. "No, Mademoiselle, it is Adeleline. Monsieur Goldsmith asked me to wake you. Is it okay if I come in?"

Saya shook her head, trying to wake up. "Certainly, Adeline. I'm sorry."

“There is no need to apologize, Mademoiselle,” Adeline answered politely. “I have to agree with the Doctor, though.” The maid scrutinized Saya’s appearance before breaking into a huge smile. “You are indeed a very beautiful girl." She smiled brightly at Saya. "I will draw a bath for you, Mademoiselle. Do you prefer the scent of vanilla or roses?"

“Scent?” Saya remembered her showers at the hospital and the antiseptic smell of the bathrooms. The thought of a rose scented bath made her feel scared although she couldn’t remember why. “Umm, vanilla would be fine." Saya wondered what scent Solomon bathed in before pushing the thought from her mind. Why was she thinking about something like that?

“I'm not sure if they will be to your liking," Adeline said, "but there are clothes in the wardrobe closet. Please put on an outfit that suits you. Dr. Goldsmith picked them out himself. Adeline chuckled and winked at Saya. "I have some items that belonged to my daughter if they are too uncomfortable for you. You know how men are. They pick things they like to see their ladies in, not always what the ladies want to wear."

Saya blushed at Adeline's comment. "Their ladies? I think there’s a misunderstanding. I’m not Dr. Goldsmith’s lady. He is being very kind to me but we’re just friends. Really. I'm sure what he picked out will be fine." She wondered why Adeline would have her daughter’s clothes. Did she work here too? “You have a daughter? How old is she - if you don't mind me asking?"

Adeline's eyes became glassy as she spoke. "I had a daughter. I lost her a few weeks ago in that brutal attack. Didn’t you hear about it? The attack made all the newspapers. Damn, Nazis. They found her in the streets, her body… there wasn’t much left of it. Those Nazi’s are truly the most despicable monsters on this earth. They even drained all the blood from her body. I just couldn't bring myself to part with all of her things."

“I'm sorry, Adeline. Losing someone you care for must be hard. I’ve lost someone too. I just hope he’s all right.” Saya noticed the sadness in Adeline’s eyes. “Anyway, I'm sure the things Solomon got for me will be fine. I do appreciate your kindness."

“I should be the one apologizing. I shouldn’t be troubling you with my problems. Excuse me for being a silly old lady. I’m sure the doctor doesn’t want me to crying in front of his most honored guest. I can’t believe I rambled on about it. Please excuse my transgression. I hope you can forgive me, Saya. I’ve never acted so unprofessional. There is just something about you that makes it easy to talk about her.”

“Please, don’t feel bad, Adeline. It’s all right. This war, it is such a terrible thing.”


Adeline took a few deep breaths and regained her composure. "Here is your robe, Mademoiselle. There are some knickers in the dresser. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll retire to my room."

Saya blushed at the mention of knickers. Had Solomon really picked those out for her as well? She hoped not but was couldn’t bring herself to ask the older woman. "Thank you, Adeline. I'll get ready for my bath now. I’m happy we had a chance to meet."

"The pleasure is all mine, Mademoiselle. Your smile will certainly brighten up this house.” She turned to Saya as she opened the bedroom door. “I almost forgot, the Monsieur would like you to meet him in his study when you are dressed."

“Oh? Did he say what for?" Saya asked.

"Yes, he said it is very important to receive your next treatment."

Saya nodded. "Oh that. I know. Thank you, Adeline."


Although Saya did not think it was possible, the bath felt even better than her bed. The scent of vanilla filled the room and making her hungrier than she already was.  Damn, she mused; everything makes me hungry doesn’t it? Even a bath. Saya knew that something about her wasn’t normal.  The nurses and other patients at the hospital didn’t seem to eat half as much as her and yet she never gained any weight. Saya also heard the nurses’ whispers at the speed of her recovery from the bullet wounds. If she had been shot in the chest, shouldn’t she be dead or at least have a very big scar? Saya wanted to ask Dr. Goldsmith about all of it but was afraid of what she would find out.  The girl had a feeling her differences had something to do with the dreams she couldn’t quite remember.


The hot water was making her incredibly tired. Saya started to drift off to sleep again but woke up suddenly when her head slipped completely under the water. I am hopeless, she thought. I can’t even bathe without falling asleep. She got out of the tub, dried herself off with the large soft towel, and put on her robe. She slipped on her knickers and a plain cotton bra. Saya giggled as she thought of Dr. Goldsmith in a lingerie store in Paris. She was almost afraid of what she would find in the closet but forced herself to open it. The dresses were so elegant and now she understood why Adeline had offered her daughter’s things to her. They were probably much simpler and more comfortable than what was in her closet.  Solomon usually wore a suit or a doctor’s coat so it didn’t surprise her that he would want her to dress formally too. It must be how he was brought up, Saya thought. There were so many exquisite evening gowns and even a few sexy cocktail dresses. Saya couldn’t believe that he would actually expect her to wear one of those.  Just the idea of wearing so little clothing in front of him was making her blush. It took her awhile but she did find a simple and somewhat modest dress. The one she picked was a long slim dress with a beautiful print of cherry blossoms on it and buttons down the front.  The dress didn’t reveal too much flesh but the cut accentuated her breasts. She was grateful it wasn’t too revealing. Saya still felt self-conscious around Solomon. She tried to convince herself that she shouldn’t. They were only friends weren’t they? But, the way he had been looking at her today was not how one looked at a friend.


The closet was filled with just as many shoes as dresses and Saya had a hard time finding a comfortable pair of sandals to match her dress. She ran the brush through her long black hair and looked into the mirror. The girl looking back didn’t look like the same one that had arrived in a ragged hospital gown and matted hair.  The image reminded Saya of something or maybe it was someone. Didn’t the other girl in her dreams have long hair?


“Saya?” Adeline’s voice called from down the stairs. “I’m leaving now and Dr. Goldsmith wanted me to ask you to---“


“Tell the doctor I’m coming,” Saya answered as she rushed out her door.


Solomon stood at the bottom of the steps waiting to see his queen wearing the type of clothes she was meant to wear, ones he had specifically picked out to see her in.  He was certain that Saya’s beauty would outshine Diva’s but he was anxious to see for himself.  The chevalier suspected he should feel guilty for caring for a queen that was not his own but strangely, he did not. The moment he had seen Saya in the hospital bed, he had fallen hard for her. And nothing in his long life had ever seemed more right.


The sight of Saya, in a simple but elegant dress walking down the circular staircase literally took his breath away. “Saya,” he whispered. His eyes moved slowly up her body, taking in her curves that had been hidden so well by her hospital gown. The dress accented them perfectly and he had to force his eyes to look at her face so she would not catch him leering at her body. “Saya,” Solomon said smoothly, his eyes full of desire. “You look beautiful tonight. Do you like the dress?”


“Uhhh---yes, Solomon. Thank you for getting it for me. It does feels kind of weird after being in hospital gowns all that time.” She smiled nervously at the doctor. “But I feel guilty. You’ve done so much for me and I haven’t done anything for you. I will pay you back…somehow.”


“Just having you here is enough.  You really do brighten up this house.”  The two of them stood there for several moments, their eyes locked in an intense gaze. It was Solomon who finally looked away from Saya and took her hand. He could not help but smirk as they walked into his office together. The chevalier paused for a moment as he locked the door behind them.



The man played his cello on a quiet street corner in Paris.  A small crowd had gathered and his music was making them happy. A young girl in his audience reminded him of Saya. She had long black hair, an olive complexion, and soft brown eyes. She was much thinner than Saya had been but that was to be expected during wartime.  The girl looked weak and hungry but her face lit up when Haji played Saya’s song. If she wasn’t tool young to be his queen, Haji would have thought he had found her already.


“Please, Sir, play that song again.” The young girl looked up at an older woman who was most certainly her mother. “Mama, give the man a franc so he will play it again!”


The woman was visibly horrified that her daughter told her to give the street musician money. Her cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “Sarah! No, I don’t---“


Haji looked at the young girl. She was acting like Saya had when they first met.  “It’s okay,” he told the child’s mother, “I’ll play it again. That song… it is one of my favorites too.”


The woman was still blushing and bent down to whisper in his ear. “But, I-I-I don’t have any francs to spare.”


Haji smiled at her and looked at the young girl. “It’s okay; I don’t play for the money.” He started to play her song, Saya’s song. I wonder if she’ll think I’ve improved, he wondered.


“Thank you, Monsignor.” The woman said. “Look Sarah, the nice man is playing the song again for you.”


The young girl’s eyes lit up and she smiled at Haji. “Thank you, Sir. You are very kind.”


As the song came to an end, Haji felt their presence in the distance. The chiropterans.  He suspected they were here. It was why he had come to Paris.  The stories of humans being attacked and drained of their blood in Paris were in the mainstream news now. Of course, the news attributed the attacks to the Nazis but he knew better. The humans were attacked in a way that only the chiropterans killed.  I only hope that it is you that they are drawn to, Saya, Haji thought as he glanced at the crowd. There were so many young children that would lose their lives if he did not do something.


“I heard gun fire,” Haji announced to the crowd.


“What? I didn’t hear anything.” A teenage boy answered.


“Me neither. If you don’t want to play anymore you could just say so.”  His friend answered.


“No, really. I have exceptional hearing.  You should all go now. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”


“I heard it too.” The young girl said, smiling at Haji.


“Shut up, Sarah. You just like him. You know what happens to liars don’t you?”


Sarah stuck her tongue out at the boy. “I’m not lying!”


The sound of distant gunfire and screams interrupted their argument.  The chiropterans had found some other humans to prey on.  Haji quickly put his cello in its case. “Sarah, you and your mother…”


“I know. We’ll be okay. We don’t live far from here.” The woman answered.


The woman and the young girl started running in the opposite direction of the gunfire as Haji ran towards it. He would have to kill this chiropteran quickly if they were going to survive the night.  Haji only hoped that he could. The chiropterans seemed to be getting harder and harder to kill, as if they were becoming stronger each day.  The chevalier knew that he needed her but so far, he had been unable to find her. Saya, where are you? Don’t you hear them? I don’t know how much longer I can fight without your help…



Solomon watched Saya as she received her treatment. Her beauty surpassed that of even his queen, her sister – Diva. He only wished that his blood could awaken her. Things would certainly be simpler if that were the case. And more pleasurable for both of them. He wouldn’t have to find her chevalier and just the thought of Saya drinking from his neck was intoxicating. Solomon was certain, Haji would not be happy when he found out his queen was living with Diva’s chevalier. If anything, he thought, it should make things interesting. I do hope her chevalier is as handsome as he is in Brother’s pictures..


The chevalier decided that tomorrow he would ask Adeline to take Saya with her when she went to the market. It would be good for Saya and Adeline would enjoy the girl’s company too. He chuckled at that thought. The idea of her as a mere human girl was amusing. At the moment she seemed liked an ordinary Japanese teenager but nothing could be further from the truth. If Haji is a true chevalier, Solomon pondered, he will be drawn to Saya, just as the chiropterans are; just as I was. There was no doubt in Solomon’s mind that the Japanese chevalier had been searching all over Europe for her already. I will make it easy for him to find her. If she is out in the open, he will approach her.


He knew that his plan was dangerous.  Haji could come and whisk her away; take her back to Red Shield and away from him. Or the chiropterans could attack Saya in her defenseless state. She was as vulnerable as an ordinary human without her sword and the memories of what she was. I’ll just have to follow them, Solomon decided. Although he was supposed to work at the hospital, those plans would have to be changed. I could go in early…


The phone rang, interrupting Solomon from his thoughts.  He answered it quickly, so the noise would not wake his bride. The chevalier was enjoying looking at her body while she slept, when she would not notice if his eyes lingered too long at her breasts or hips.


“Solomon, I’ve found you at last! What are you doing at that house?” Nathan’s lively voice teased. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were hiding from your family.”


“Oh hello, Nathan. What are you up to?” Solomon answered politely. This was a most interesting development.


“I’m in Paris, Solomon. And I’m simply exhausted. After directing the play tonight, I had the hardest time finding you.” Nathan sighed. “Where exactly is that house?”


Solomon was panicked for a brief moment when his brother said he was in Paris. It took him a few seconds to regain his composure.  “I hate that cramped house in the city, Nathan. You should know that.  I found a beautiful house in the country. It’s not too far to drive from the city.”


A few moments of silence passed before Nathan spoke. “Keeping secrets from your dear brothers, Solomon. That is just not like you. Are you hiding a something?  Perhaps you are.  Maybe it’s a woman… You always were the lady’s man of the family.” Nathan giggled at this own joke.


Solomon nearly gasped in shock. “Don’t be ridiculous, Nathan. I-I’m not hiding anything. I’ve just been incredibly busy. We are in the middle of a war, you know. I’ve been tending to the wounded.”


“Hmm…that could be but then why aren’t you at the hospital?”


“Today is my first day off since I arrived Nathan. I was planning on calling Amshell and the others tomorrow.” Solomon laughed lightheartedly. “Is there a reason you’re interrogating me?”


“No reason, Solomon. I was just surprised when you weren’t here when I arrived. It’s incredibly lonely in this house. Are you sure you don’t want to stay here with me? It could be a lot of fun. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the chance to be alone. You know without Amshell spoiling our fun.”


Solomon knew what Nathan was offering but he was not interested, not when he had Saya. “Nathan, I love my house in the country. But, we should meet for a drink. By the way, when did you arrive in Paris? Amshell didn’t say anything the last time we talked.”


“It has nothing to do with him. I’ve been hired to direct an opera. Amshell didn’t want me to go but I complained until he changed his mind.  I’m good at that, you know. Changing minds.”


“That explains it…”


Both brothers were quiet for a several moments. Solomon could feel the tension between them even over the phone. Nathan finally spoke and his voice was deeper. “Solomon, just what are you up to? I hope you know you can’t hide anything from Amshell. Whatever you’re up to – he will find out.”


“Is that an accusation, Nathan? I’m not up to anything. It hurts that you would think so poorly of me.”


Nathan burst into laughter, unable to hold it any longer. “Oh Solomon, you are so much fun to play with. I’m just kidding, silly boy. Although, you are acting rather odd. I do hope everything is all right with you.”


Solomon chuckled at his brother’s odd behavior. Nathan always was such a drama queen. “I’m fine, Nathan. Really. We should get together for drinks tomorrow, so you can see for yourself. Besides, I’ve been wanting to visit the city at night. It’s a sin I’ve been here almost a month and haven’t had any fun.”


“I doubt that is true, Solomon.” Nathan replied. “As long as I’ve known you brother, you always find time for pleasure.”


Solomon ignored his brother’s comment. “What time shall we meet for drinks, brother?”


“I’ll be busy with the play until almost 1:00 AM.  Meet me outside the playhouse at 2:00.  Don’t make me wait, Solomon. You know how impatient I can get.”


“Of course, Nathan. I have things at the house to do tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow, Brother.”


“Good night, Solomon. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I won’t feel so lonely if I can see your pretty face.”


Solomon didn’t say good bye and slowly hung up the phone.  He was concerned now, wondering if it was merely a coincidence that Nathan was directing a play in Paris.  Or could it be that he was sent here by Amshell? His veiled threats were what concerned him the most. They implied that Amshell was suspicious of his activities in Paris.  Brother, if you suspect that I’m up to something, why don’t you just ask me?


Solomon stroked Saya’s hair as she slept and it brought it more him pleasure than he ever imagined. He wondered if she would let him touch her while she was awake. He almost stopped as his bride smiled in her sleep. See Saya, you do like my touch even if you don’t know it yet. But you will. You will like this and all of the other things we’ll do when you are fully awaken. The chevalier could hardly wait to find Haji. Once the real Saya was with him, the real fun would begin.





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