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My obsession with Blood+ & Solomon grows.  And he is so not my type. WTF? He is an anime character. I  usually the like characters with dark or silver hair and especially the ones with glasses.  Examples: Jin, Kyoya , Ibaragi Sōtetsu (from Bakamatsu), Kabuto, Ishida (both father & son), Kakashi (no glasses but he IS sex).  So I decided to USE my paid account and customize my layout a little.  This is Solomon from Blood+ for those that aren't familiar with the anime or manga. He kind of looks like he could be Tamaki's older brother.  Hmm...crossover! I have to RP him somewhere. The fics I've been writing are done in his POV. I never do that either - I usually write from the woman's POV. I actually made 2 different layouts but think I'm going with this one. The other is the S2 Expressive style with a header but there are alot of things that buy me about it, like the way all links are underlined and gray I could search for the code but am lazy.

I still haven't heard about the job I really, really, really want. I have a feeling I didn't get it because they said they hoped to notify people by last Friday. *cries*

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