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EDIT: Made some minor changes for readability and edits.

I finally completed another prompt for [info]fivebyfiction and another chapter for my Blood+ AU fic.  It took me awhile because I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with it but I kind of know now.  The only spoilers in this chapter are for Saya's & Diva's past that appear towards the beginning I think of the series (as a dream sequence).  I am STILL LOOKING FOR A BETA - does anyone on my FL watch Blood+? They are showing on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network).  I'll probably edit it 1,396,456,464,564 more times before I post it anywhere else but I'd love it if someone could beta.


Fic: Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 2: Blood & Tears

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Some slight/vague spoilers for Saya's & Diva's past.

Summary:  Solomon tries to get closer to Saya as she is released from the hospital.  She still has no memory of her past. the people in it, or what she is.


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This is a Naruto fic I wrote for [profile] fivebyfiction and it is dedicated to my wonderful daughter, [profile] yoko_chan who I blame thank for forcing me to watch Naruto with her.  

Anyone on my FL who is into the Naruto fandom, I'd love feedback because this is the first Naruto fic I've written and I'm a bit nervous about it.  *shaking*   I'm not completely happy with it but I may edit. Again.

Rated teen for violence.

Title: Promises

Warnings: SPOILERS for manga chapters after the time skip,

Parings: Asuma/Kurenai, Obito/Rin, & the beginnings of Kakashi/Kurenai


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My obsession with Blood+ & Solomon grows.  And he is so not my type. WTF? He is an anime character. I  usually the like characters with dark or silver hair and especially the ones with glasses.  Examples: Jin, Kyoya , Ibaragi Sōtetsu (from Bakamatsu), Kabuto, Ishida (both father & son), Kakashi (no glasses but he IS sex).  So I decided to USE my paid account and customize my layout a little.  This is Solomon from Blood+ for those that aren't familiar with the anime or manga. He kind of looks like he could be Tamaki's older brother.  Hmm...crossover! I have to RP him somewhere. The fics I've been writing are done in his POV. I never do that either - I usually write from the woman's POV. I actually made 2 different layouts but think I'm going with this one. The other is the S2 Expressive style with a header but there are alot of things that buy me about it, like the way all links are underlined and gray I could search for the code but am lazy.

I still haven't heard about the job I really, really, really want. I have a feeling I didn't get it because they said they hoped to notify people by last Friday. *cries*
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I was really surprised it wasn't on there already. So if you're a member of DIGG, please "digg" the story. Apparently free speech isn't all that popular. WTF? I still can't believe at the stupidity of it all. I need to make a complaint to LJ. It hasn't affect any of my communities or anyone I know but it is so wrong. What.The.Fuck. Livejournal.

Livejournal has suspended hundred of accounts in response to a Warriors for Innocence complaint that LJ was hosting & promoting pedophiles. BUT many innocent/legitimate journals & communities have gotten suspended as well. Most of those are fandom (including roleplaying journals) or literature related (like one community discussing Lolita).

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Blood+ fic

May. 27th, 2007 10:12 pm
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Wow - I finished another challenge fic for [profile] fivebyfiction and I'm actually kind of excited about this one. I love the Solomon x Saya pairing in Blood+ but due to certain events in the series writing it post series is kind of difficult (but not in the manga). I came up with the idea of having an AU set during WWII in France. Solomon was a doctor (before he became chevalier). There isn't much canon for either Solomon or Saya during WWII except Saya would have been awake and Solomon was a chevalier during that time period. So this is totally AU, set in 1940 France. The prompt is "monster." Depending on how the fic goes, it could end up being a long WIP. There are no real spoilers as this is AU, except for a little of Solomon's past but nothing major or earth-shattering really. Anyone who has seen the series (or part of it - at least up to the episode that Solomon was in), I'd love opinions.

EDIT: Thanks to [profile] yoko_chan for kind of beta-ing it. 

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I finally got to see the "season" finale of Blood Ties. I must say I was please. Norman is such a great villian and all the great Henry/Vicky moments had my inner fan girl squeeing. I wish there was more erotic fan fiction for the pairing. I'm still hoping [profile] dracschick will write some Henry/Vicky smut even though I know she's busy with editing for her novel and teaching. I'd write some myself but I want to read the novels and I haven't had the $ to get them. Maybe this week, I'll order them from Amazon.

Speaking of writing, I think I've finally got my muses back. I completed my first first [profile] fivebyfiction and even posted a Blood+ fic I had written awhile ago (after some serious editing) to Woa.  Any Blood+ fans on my FL? Please, pretty pretty please, read? Can hardly believe it myself.  Also, I'm nearly done the first prompt for my AU Blood+ fic. I really need ike a beta for that fic because it could end up being more than 5 chapters.  There aren't really any spoilers (well maybe a few about Saya's & Diva's past but not for the current timeline of the anime).  I'm kind of excited about it. The fic will be an AU set during WWII. I realized there wasn't anything in the movie, anime, manga, or novels for the WWII timeline. The fic will be Solomon/Saya set during WWII in France. It might end up being Solomon/Saya/Haji  later.  The rating will probably go up to "M."  The premise for the fic is that Solomon finds a weakened & amnesiac Saya during the German attacks on France.  Also is there any one on my FL that hasn't seen Blood+ and likes vampires, particularly moral vampires, you must watch it.  Adult Swim is showing it and I'd be happy to upload the subs for anyone who wants to see it and can't.  It is a great anime and doesn't get enough love.

I went to an award ceremony for [profile] yoko_chan yesterday. She is graduating this year and the vocational program she attends had special recognition for many of the students.  I am proud of her because school is a struggle for her. Not because she's not smart because she is very intelligent but she does have nonverbal LD (NLD) and ADHD which can make school crazy hard.  Not many people (or teachers) understand NLD because most LD's (like dyslexia and others) are language based. People with NLD are typically very smart  but suck at math and geography.  The schools are geared towards those with language based LD's so it makes things incredibly hard.  NLD, like ADHD causes problems with executive function (like organizational skills and getting lost) so it is often confused with ADHD although you can have both. NLD is also similar to Aspergers but not as severe.  Okay, I'll shut up now. I just know a lot about it because both my kids (and possibly me) have NLD. Today I have an IEP meeting for my son since this year he failed 2 subjects. I feel guilty because I let him go off of his meds because he said he could handle it.   Well, he was wrong.  Damn, I liked it better when my kids were in elementary school.
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I've actually started writing again.  I can't believe it myself. It  feels so good to write. This is part 1 of a Jin & Fuu fic I'm writing for
[profile] fivebyfiction
The theme is truth. But, it is actually also equally Mugen & Fuu.  I'm a Jin/Fuu shipper because Jin = hawtness but after watching the last episode three times I'm convinced Fuu loved them both equally.  This is the first chapter of a longer fic (for the prompts of the challenge).  And no, this is not going to be a threesome fic - more like a love triangle. I don't really see Mugen and Jin together even if most of the fandom does.

Since it has been so long since I've written anything, I'd love feedback. Though, please be gentle.

Title: Tangled
Rating: Teen (for Mugen's bad language - but it is Mugen) and some groping by an OC
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Jin/Fuu and Mugen/Fuu
Theme: Truth
Summary: Fuu finally admits the truth to herself about her feelings for her old traveling companions.
Notes: Takes place 5 years after the end of the series. Fuu's relationship with both Jin & Mugen has remained platonic - much to her disappointment.

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My extended medical leave reprieve from work ended today. I had to go back to work. Damn it was hard.  I know I had to go back but after 3 was practically impossible.  The day wasn't  too bad and I'm not as tired as I'd have thought but I would so rather be home watching movies & anime and reading.

My hand is feeling pretty good although it is still a little sore. Guess that is to be expected though. It doesn't hurt when I type but when I have to write (as in by hand), it hurts quite a bit. 

One of the best parts about being off for 3 weeks is I got to see a lot of movies/anime and read manga that I never would've had time for. I'm going to make more time life for movies and reading.  I tried to get a an elliptical exercise machine but my plans got foiled.  They failed to mention they could not deliver into my apt due to insurance. WTF? I have find a place that will because I can't exactly carry a machine over 150 lbs. Of course they didn't mention it when I called to arrange delivery. Grrrr.... I want an ellepitcal so I can lose weight. :(

I want to get back into roleplay since I'm carpal tunnel free and am thinking of what character to apply for on [personal profile] polychromatic.
I kind of lost interest with Heinkel in addition to my surgery. I would like to RP someone who isn't Hellsing because I'm losing my interest in the series but maybe someone who could join the Hellsing organization. Maybe Saya or Solomon from Blood+?  I've also decided to start writing again. I miss it.

And thanks to  [profile] dracschick  for recommending Blood Ties. I never read the books but want to now. I am hooked on the series. Of course that could be because the actor who plays Henry is hot.

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So it looks like my job unblocked Livejournal and I can get on... I must resist the temptation to waste all my time on LJ. It is hard because I've done all my work and don't have anything to do. I'll probaby play on it for a few hours. My posting/replying should be more frequent since I can access it from work.

I finally posted to my POLY RP journal,[ profile] gunslinging_nun . I didn't mean to but last week I had the pleasure of my period complete with killer cramps and this weekend I aggravated a pinched nerve in my neck by climbing into my kitchen cabinet. I was trying to run an ethernet wire to [ profile] yoko_chan's room. I'm so tired of the wireless connection glitches.
Unfortunately, the the damn wire didn't want to fit into a hole that was plenty big enough. WTF?  Since Saturday night,  I've had constant pain in my neck, upper back, and shoulder. And being on the PC is very, very, bad for it. It doesn't help that  99.9% of my job is on the PC and I spend most of my free time at home on it. I will make sure I post from my RP & this journal regularly though because I can post from work.  Okay, I'll stop whining now.  I think next month I'll sign up for Pip if he is still available.

I can't believe Christmas is coming. I have managed to get some stuff for my kids and am way more done than I was last year.  I still need to get my parents even though I'm not sure I'll even see them on Christmas because my mom is a crazy bitch.  Not sure about sending my oldest daughter something. She isn't really talking to me but I may give her a gift card for Amazon or something. She is away at graduate school and I don't think she's coming home for the holidays.  I swear, I really wish my family wasn't so fucked up and we could have at least a somewhat normal relationship.  It shouldn't suprise me though. My mom went years not talking to her mother (my grandmother) and she doesn't speak to her own brother. My dad's family is screwed up too. He only sees a few (out of 12) of his own brothers & sisters.

I also have an anime rec:  Mushishi.  I know I've mentioned it before but I have nothing but love for the series.  It is incredible. Not like any other anime you've seen.  The anime is both spiritual and supernatural. In a way it reminds me a little of Miyazaki's movies. It doesn't hurt that the main character, Ginko, is hot as hell. For anyone who is into Naruto: Kakashi is his reincarnation. Or he is Kakashi's reincarnation. I might upload a few episodes to spread the love.  It has got to be one of the most under-rated series ever. 

Has anyone been reading the scanlations of Trinity Blood manga? On the TB forum, they stopped posting links at chapter 12. I finally found chapters 13 & 14. *is happy*  The manga has much more yaoi fan service. <3   but my favorite ship is still Esther/Ion but why does she have to look so much like a human fish.  I found it on  [ profile] free_manga .  They have almost any manga that has been scanlated - even the hard-to-find stuff and raws for stuff that hasn't been translated.

In other news. The Eagles finally won! I stayed up late to watch the game with my son and they didn't choke won.  Is it wrong that It totally made my night?

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Thanks to [ profile] alucards_bane & [ profile] rosehiptea for the beta work on this. I changed a few lines too. :)   Hopefully for the better. Thanks so much for your help, ladies.  Hannah, I really appreciate the content input too. I made a few changes related to that. I'll be posting to [ profile] 30_kisses &

For anyone who has not AU ficlet set after the war. Things did not turn out as anyone expected. Integral's knight in shining armor did not surrvive the war.

Integral is not very motherly in THIS story )
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I finally got a chance to look at the beta work [ profile] ko0lchiki did for me. I also changed a few things myself. I think it reads better. Despite the title the sex is not my usual description smut at all. Very mild but I didn't write it as smut but to develop Pip err, character. XD  Rated somewhere between teen and mature.  Thanks so much [ profile] ko0lchiki for the edit! You are the best LJ-daughter.

Pip is a man-slut )


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Well - I should be working but I'm not.  I had to get this done while I was still motivated. I really wanted to trash it and not submit anything for [ profile] fictionhaven 's challenge this month. I'm going to read it at home and submit it before midnight unless I change my mind. 

I'm putting the summary under the cut because it contains spoilers for episode 18-19 of Trinity Blood.

click to read summary and story - Ion & Esther fluff )

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Since I'm doing Pip & Seras for [ profile] 30_lemons and I'm so anal about canon...I've created an alternate universe for the romance to take place in. This is a kind of prologue that explains what happens differently. I'm going to link to it on all my lemons. I'm thinking too of adding to this and writing another multichapter fic. Not soon, as I have too many other things but I like the idea of Pip surrviving the war and what interactions will be like between him Seras, Alucard, and Integral. As well as the hot sex. So this explains what happens, kind of how Pip surrvives, and what the post-war world is like. Also is kind of the set-up for my first lemon which will be about their first time. Is it a bit fluffy but hopefully not too much so.

A Different Fate )

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This is yet another Seras & Integral ficlet for the [ profile] 30_kisses community. The theme is the sound of waves.

Rated PG and set post-war in the manga-verse. Also is unedited so there may be some mistakes and I'll probably re-word if it seems a little rough.   Probably AU.

Homesick )

SxI ficlet

Jul. 5th, 2005 02:08 pm
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I'm long overdue for a  ficlet/drabble for [ profile] thirty_kisses and I wanted to write something with vampire Integral & Seras that didn't conflict with the recent news from Anime Expo. it is.  Warning for possible spoilers, Alternative Universe, and it is R-rated femme-slash.  Keep in mind this is vampire Integral and her appetites have changed.

I cross-posted this to [ profile] 30_kisses after I edit.

A Little Bit of Integral )
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Epilouge )
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Goodbye )

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