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Blood+ fic - inspired by The Origin of Love song

Title: While The Queen Sleeps
Author: kelles
Fandom: Blood+
Characters/Pairing: Solomon, Haji, Saya, Diva
Challenge: June 2007
Warnings and Notes: The is done for the June Challenge at [ profile] obscurefandom.  The original pairing was Solomon/Saya but  it ended up to have a bit of Solomon/Haji, Solomon/Saya/Haji,  Solomon/Diva, and Haji/Saya. Possibly AU for the anime. Spoilers? Maybe but not really. The song I had was The Origin of Love from the OST of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I had never heard it before but now like it quite a bit. 

Solomon smiled, feeling his presence, as he walked up the stone steps to his queen. Of course he is here, the chevalier mused. He wondered how Haji would react to his arrival. Would the oh-so-silent chevalier consider him an intruder or a comrade?

He walked into the Saya’s resting place quietly but his efforts were unnecessary. Haji was sitting by her side and seemed to be in a trance. All of his attention was focused on the woman he had served for so many years. Solomon stood in the dark watching the two of them, captivated by the beauty of the moment. The two of them appeared absolutely inseparable - almost as if they were one being. He couldn't help but envy the silent chevalier.

Did you take that away from me too brother?
Solomon wondered, thinking of Amshell and Diva. Shouldn't he have had that same closeness with Diva? But, Amshell had not allowed any of the chevaliers to watch over Diva while she slept. Instead their queen had been locked away. Solomon remembered the pain of her first hibernation period; not being allowed to see her, to touch her.  It was as if a part of him had been ripped away. The chevalier was reminded of that feeling now as he watched the woman he loved and her chevalier.

"It's painful isn't it?" Solomon asked him.

Haji looked up at him and studied his face. "What are you doing here?" He asked, defensively.

"Don't be alarmed, Haji. I just see her. I hope you don't mind." Solomon  told him as he moved closer to the couple.

Haji turned his attention to Saya. "She wouldn't mind. It's okay. You saved her."

"Arrigato, Haji." Solomon said, sitting on the other side of Saya. "Are you going to answer my question?"

Haji said nothing for several moments; Solomon wondered if he was going to say anything. "Yes," Haji replied quietly. "It is. But not when I'm here. I feel it when I'm away from her."

"Yes, that's when I felt it too." Solomon said to Haji.  "Like someone has ripped away a part of you."

Haji nodded, looking at Solomon, uncomfortably. He had never been one to talk about his feelings and he wasn't sure how to react to the other chevalier's questions.

"I'm sorry, Haji. I was just remembering. I felt like that the first time Diva slept. I've often wondered if originally the queen and her chevalier were originally one being. The closeness we feel is like nothing I remember as man."

Haji seemed to consider his words and smiled. "Yes," he replied. "We should probably go. Saya's other visitors will be arriving."

Solomon smiled softly at Haji. "Of course," he answered. "Haji...are you staying with Kai?"

"No," he answered, quietly. Haji kept his eyes focused on the path in front of him. Solomon wondered why the chevalier was avoiding looking at him.

"I would like to offer you a room in my house." Solomon studied Haji's face for a reaction, an emotion, anything,  but the chevalier was impossible to read. "I'm sure Saya would approve."

Haji nodded at the other chevalier. "I suppose that it would be---all right."

"Wonderful," Solomon replied, his voice full of excitement. "It's been a bit lonely since..."

"Yes," Haji answered.

Solomon could not help but smile when his former rival accepted his invitation. He had been alone for far too long and Haji had always intrigued him, both as a man and a rival for Saya's affections. He wondered what would happen between the two of them as they waited for their sleeping beauty to wake up. Thirty years was certainly a long time. He could only hope they would move past these awkward conversations. Perhaps they could comfort each other until Saya woke up. It would make the pain of being without her easier to endure. And who knows what would happen between the three of them when she woke up? Visions of  what that would be like entered his mind. Solomon hoped that Haji would not notice the slight bulge in his pants. Or maybe I do want him to notice it, Solomon admitted to himself. The next thirty years are going to be interesting, after all.

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