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My extended medical leave reprieve from work ended today. I had to go back to work. Damn it was hard.  I know I had to go back but after 3 was practically impossible.  The day wasn't  too bad and I'm not as tired as I'd have thought but I would so rather be home watching movies & anime and reading.

My hand is feeling pretty good although it is still a little sore. Guess that is to be expected though. It doesn't hurt when I type but when I have to write (as in by hand), it hurts quite a bit. 

One of the best parts about being off for 3 weeks is I got to see a lot of movies/anime and read manga that I never would've had time for. I'm going to make more time life for movies and reading.  I tried to get a an elliptical exercise machine but my plans got foiled.  They failed to mention they could not deliver into my apt due to insurance. WTF? I have find a place that will because I can't exactly carry a machine over 150 lbs. Of course they didn't mention it when I called to arrange delivery. Grrrr.... I want an ellepitcal so I can lose weight. :(

I want to get back into roleplay since I'm carpal tunnel free and am thinking of what character to apply for on [personal profile] polychromatic.
I kind of lost interest with Heinkel in addition to my surgery. I would like to RP someone who isn't Hellsing because I'm losing my interest in the series but maybe someone who could join the Hellsing organization. Maybe Saya or Solomon from Blood+?  I've also decided to start writing again. I miss it.

And thanks to  [profile] dracschick  for recommending Blood Ties. I never read the books but want to now. I am hooked on the series. Of course that could be because the actor who plays Henry is hot.

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