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Just a short update because I have to go to work. I'm going to do a real update I took off yesterday because I woke up feeling so anxious and I just couldn't deal with other people's problems and 13466574613213131 alerts. So I took my meds (Klonopin) slept, and edited practice pics and wrote a lot.

Practice both days was FUN. Crowded but fun. On days like this week, I enjoy going to practice more than games. It's so much fun to take pictures because on good days the pictures you take tell a story and that's the way Saturday and especially Tuesday were. I got heaps of great pics, about 300. Plus a few pics from the Carnival. I was a little sad that Claude was moved down to the 3rd line but after last night? Not so much. But, I have a few pictures of Claude's talk with Lavvy and he looked sooooooo sad. But, Simon made him feel better. I have pictures of that too :)

From 2010_0118flyers_practice
Claude just looks sad and like he just wants this talk to be over.  *hugs him*

I wanted to hug him. No matter what he said during the interview after the game, I do think he misses Richie and especially his BF Simon. But, he got his PP time (and Powe got his time on the PK) so it all worked out.  But, Simon without Claude just didn't play very well last night at all.  He needs his FC BF back :)

I loved the way most of the boys played last night. Except for the Richards line. Powe played okay but I'm not sure what was up with Richards & Simon. They seemed a little off. That line was the only line that didn't produce a point. I think they really missed Claude's playmaking ability on that line.  And Claude? He was amazing, even on the 3rd line. AND HE GOT 3RD STAR OF THE GAME!!!That back handed pass to Asham was beautiful. I have a feeling, if they keep him on that line, him and JVR are going to be an explosive duo. As much as Carter & Danny have been.  I might not be Carter's biggest fan (and now even less than before but that has nothing to do with hockey :p) but he was amazing last night too. His shots were just pretty. I think he really wants on that Olympic team. He came so close to a hat trick! I still don't understand why Lavvy didn't put him on the ice when the net was empty. WTF? And Carcillo scored!!! Who says he doesn't have offensive skill? Who knows what he might be able to do if they kept him on the 1st or 2nd line? He might get as many goals as the guy he replaced. I was a little depressed because I had planned on going to the game but I got over it pretty quick. I loved RJ as a player but he was never really one of my favourites. But, it made me a little sad to hear how much he loved Philly. And he has a Flyers tatoo? Awwww. There is a story I should link to but I'm too tired and I have to leave to work soon. Maybe I'll post about it tonight. [ profile] offthepost , I have something interesting to tell you about Carcillo's tatoo that I think you might not know :D

One more word about the line changes. Everything I've read about it and things the coach said, I think it was made more because for whatever reason Simon wasn't capitatlizing on the chances Claude was giving him and because of the way the Caps kept them away from the front of the net. I think the move had more to do with how great Claude is at center and the fact that JVR needs someone with real playmaking skill to set him up. And aside from Richards? Claude is the best center on the team. He's hoping Powe will create some room for Simon. It didn't happen last night but hopefully it will. As long as Claude gets his PP time (and not Powe because he gets used a lot on the PK), I'm all good with that. Even though I'd much rather see him on the 2nd line, it's all good if it leads to points, goals, and a win.

I'm kind of broke right now and the prices on stub hub have gone up. WTF???  I do think I'll be able to swing a game next week since it's payday and I'm paying all my bills this week.  As much as it sucks,  my electric and my cell phone have t get paid before I go to a game. I sure wish I lived at home and didn't have to worry about bills. But, then my mom would drive ALL of us crazy and would probably kick us all out anyway. XD  She's kind of bipolar and I really wish I was kidding about that.

I'll do a real update tonight with a massive practice pic spam and some venting of sorts. I got so many wonderful pictures at practice that I want to share. Of course 90% of them are of Claude & Simon :D

I'm SO EXCITED.  I ordered 2 Winter Classic jerseys (Simon and Claude - who else) and they should be here in a few days.

Also, for those of you Flyers fans that follow the Phantoms, Matsumoto won the accuracy skills competition at the AHL all star game.  I watched a bit of it on Monday.  The Canadian team is so much more prettier than Planet USA.  The Phantoms were on a 3 game  winning streak before the break.  I think they'll be even better because Maroon is supposed to be back after the break. I hope so. I've missed him. I hope I can find some working AHL steams.

Aaand Bobby Ryan continues to be amazing.  I love that boy so much.  I need to do a pic spam of the Ducks Casino night. Bobby in a wig and purple disco suit = cracked me up A LOT. I'm still laughing.
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