Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:57 am
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I've been wanting to do a Pip fst because he is my favorite male character from Hellsing and last month [livejournal.com profile] fst had the perfect opportunity to do one: canon characters who died. I started early in the month but got lazy. Originally I had over 50 songs but have narrowed it down to 27. I'd like to get it down even more but it's hard - Pip was/is such a GREAT character. Does anyone have any songs they would rec for the FST? I have songs that represent Pip's childhoood, time with the Geese, and of course too many about him & Seras but I'd like to find one (or a few) about him & Alucard.

A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds To Mars

City Of Devils - Yellowcard

We Can Be Heros - Wallflowers

Love me when I'm Gone - Three Doors Down

Finish Line - Snow Patrol

Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Honky Tonk Women- The Rolling Stones

Finding Myself - The Punisher

'Cuz I Can - Pink

But It's Better If You Do - Panic At The Disco

Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

Infatuation - Maroon 5

Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park

Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park

Reasons To Fall - Lauren Hoffman

Stronger - Kanye West

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

Mediocre Bad Guys - Jack Johnson

Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Guns N' Roses

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

Never Grow Old - The Cranberries

Headful Of Ghosts - Bush

Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin

Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin

You Learn - Alanis Morissette

Yeah, I know I have 3 songs by Snow Patrol but I love them and the songs just fit.

I really need to do an update post. Which I shall. Later today. I finally fnished another chapter of Another Time, Another Place. I don't think too many on my FL are reading because no one seems to love Blood+ like I do. Not that I'm complaining. I have had a bunch of reviews on the Pit which always makes me feel happy.

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